The Deathtouch Gauntlet was a powerful weapon that can kill someone instantly when they are touched by it, it was originally owned by one of the sorcerers who helped build the old sanctuary . It is activated by symbols on the back of it, and Stephanie was advised not to scratch her nose when the gauntlet was activated. It is the same gauntlet Valkyrie is wearing in the vision she saw with Cassandra and Skulduggery. At first she was reluctant to wear the gauntlet but accepted it eventually mainly after being pressurised into wearing it by the others as an extra weapon. Valkyrie used the gauntlet to kill her baby sister Alice in order to get the Scepter of the Ancients to bind to her. The gauntlet is a powerful weapon and is even capable of killing a body inhabited by Darquesse herself.


The Dying of the Light Cover

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