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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"Finding a frequency for a new dimension is one thing, but actually travelling there? What if the air is toxic? What if I appear in the middle of a volcano? What if there is no planet to stand on? There's a reason why there aren't many Dimensional Shunters still around, you know."
Silas Nadir after hearing of Valkyrie's shunting, Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked
Dimensional Shunter
Dimensional Shunter
Magic Type Adept
Power Traveling to other dimensions
Notable User(s) Silas Nadir, Creyfon Signate

A Dimensional Shunter is someone who can send people to different realities.There are only two known shunters. Dimensional Shunters rarely shunt themselves, as it is incredibly rare to find a frequency to a new dimension to shunt to that has a livable environment for humans, and it is impossible to know anything about the dimension until you are there. Shunters are also able to move things to other places in the current dimension or send things to other dimensions without going themselves. This is how Nadir hid his victims' bodies after killing them.

A Dimensional Shunter can also cast an echoing shunt on other people, by touching them in any part of the body and putting some of their magic into it. It has a delayed effect, hence the name, and is able to send the touched person to another dimension at any random time while the energy is building up in them. The person is normally warned when this is about to happen by a throbbing in their touched area, that gradually gets bigger as the shunt gets closer. Before the shunt happens, the person's vision will blur and they will not be able to hear properly. An echo shunt can happen to someone numerous times, depending on how much energy the Shunter put into it. If it happens an odd amount of times, the affected person will not return to their original dimension. Once the shunts energy stops rebounding in the person and runs out, the shunts will cease.

Silas Nadir cast an echoing shunt on Valkyrie Cain, and tried to cast one on Skulduggery Pleasant (who avoided it by simply punching Nadir away), without knowing he was doing it and had no idea what Skulduggery was talking about when he mentioned it during an interrogation later on. He was, in fact, being controlled by Argeddion, who had been controlling Nadir through his dreams while he was sleeping for 15 years.

Creyfon Signate created a new city and fortress around Roarhaven in another Dimension and shunted it to Roarhaven's location.

Known users

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  • New or old Shunters will appear in the future.[1]


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