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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Donegan Bane
Character Information
Taken Name Donegan Bane
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Energy-Thrower
Faction The Monster Hunters, The Irish Sanctuary
Titles Monster Hunter
Location Ireland

Donegan Bane is an English monster hunter and top-class sniper, who along with his best friend, Gracious O'Callahan, wrote Monster Hunting for Beginners, and its sequels, Monster Hunting for Beginners is Probably Inadvisable, and Seriously, Dude, Stop Monster Hunting.


The Maleficent Seven

Bane travels to Chicago and Germany with Dexter’s team on their quest to get the God-Killer weapons, but only obtain Tanith’s replicas. Oblivious to their misleading, it is realised after the Maleficent Seven’s attack on Donegan’s (stolen) private jet that they are fakes.

The team rush to the English Sanctuary and sneak their way in, but run into the Maleficent Seven, then the Sanctuary officials. Fortunately, Tanith distracts the officials with a zombie-like virus and it’s up to the two teams to take the sword first. Sanguine manages to acquire it and escapes by tunnelling. In the end, all are arrested, but Dexter’s team are freed soon after.

Last Stand of Dead Men

He, Valkyrie Cain and Gracious O'Callahan travel to the Witch's house to try to free Skulduggery Pleasant. They succeed in their task, and take their leave.

Later, he and Gracious were assigned to disable the Midnight Hotel with the help of Sanguine and Tanith. But he and Gracious were forced to hide when the mission goes awry and Mantis sends mages after them.

After that, he and Gracious accompany Fletcher to Mexico to capture an operative, and also was present during the meeting with Ajuoga.

During the Battle of Roarhaven, he was captured by the enemy alongside Tanith and Valkyrie. Later, the three of them escape and make their way back to Skulduggery and company. Once the battle was over, he and Gracious are assigned to take down the supercharged mages.

The Dying of the Light

He, Gracious, Saracen, Dexter, Dai and Fletcher were hunting down the remaining unstable mages when they were informed that the Remnants have been set loose. They are then assigned to deal with the Remnants instead.

When Darquesse levels part of Roarhaven, he is seen in the medical bay, injured. He is not mentioned for the rest of the book.

Powers and Abilities

Donegan is a very skilled inventor, which proves to be very useful for unlocking doors, causing distractions, freezing Cleavers ,and making O’Callahan shut up by knocking him out. Like Dexter Vex he is also an energy thrower. He is mentioned to be a top class marksman.


  • Donegan Bane is based on the freelance project manager Tom Donegan, whose likeness was used as Bane's.


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