A Dream Whisperer is an object that collects dreams of those who have forgotten them. When the person is ready, the Dream Whisperer will tell the person of the dream. It's whispers are quiet, so one who owns a Dream Whisperer must live in a quiet remote area.

In Books

Dark Days

When Finbar Wrong, Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant visited Cassandra Pharos, she gave a Dream Whisperer to Valkyrie.

At the end of the book, the Dream Whisperer told Valkyrie of a dream she had. It was when her and Skulduggery were battling Nefarian Serpine. Valkyrie had glimpsed her three names in the Book of Names, Stephanie Edgley, Valkyrie Cain and her True Name, Darquesse, the person said to destroy the world. It is revealed in Kingdom of the Wicked that Valkyrie had burnt the Dream Whisperer because she found it freaky.

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