Eachan Meritorious
Character Information
Taken Name Eachan Meritorious
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death June 2007 (normal dimension)
Alive (Mevolent's dimension)
Magic Adept
Titles Grand Mage
Location Deceased

Eachan Meritorious was the former Grand Mage of the Irish Sanctuary and an Adept, as shown by his use of Magic before his death, however, the specific discipline was never revealed. While dead in the current dimension, he was shown to be still alive in the parallel universe ruled by Mevolent.


The Truce is Broken

Meritorious disagreed with Skulduggery Pleasant involving Stephanie Edgley in his investigation. He was also scared that the Truce between the Irish Sanctuary and Nefarian Serpine would not hold, and when Skulduggery was kidnapped, he is forced to accept the fact that Serpine had broken the Truce.

Later, Sagacious Tome lied to Meritorious and Morwenna Crow saying that Skulduggery wanted to meet with them. Serpine revealed himself and Tome was revealed to be a traitor. Meritorious was killed by the Sceptre of the Ancients along with Crow at the hands of Nefarian Serpine.

Alternate Dimension

Meritorious is seen as a prisoner in Mevolent's palace dungeon in the Parallel Dimension. He appears to be quite surprised, after Valkyrie is captured and shows him modern technology, at how far mortal technology could have gone. Later, Valkyrie is rescued by Dexter Vex and other Resistance mages. However, Eachan's bonds are impossible to break, so he is left behind. Afterwards, he shows sympathy for Valkyrie Cain's reflection when it is tortured by Alexander Remit.


Eachan was said to be a good, strong leader, and, according to Skulduggery, he was one of the most powerful Grand Mages Ireland has had for over 100 years.


He was an Adept and had the ability to create powerful magical shields, although they were not strong enough to protect him against the Sceptre of the Ancients.


Meritorious was an old man with short white hair and a close-cropped beard. He wore a granite coloured suit and was only slightly taller than Skulduggery.


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