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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Eliza Scorn
Character Information
Taken Name Eliza Scorn
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Adept
Faction Church Of The Faceless Ones
Location Ireland

Eliza Scorn is a collector of magical books and objects, and a devout follower of the Faceless Ones. First appearing in Death Bringer, she uses China in her plans to rebuild the Faceless Religion with herself as the leader.


Mortal Coil

Eliza is briefly mentioned during Mortal Coil. She is brought up in a conversation between China and a man who stole from China's Library, as a rival collector and information broker to China. From the way she was talked about, Scorn is portrayed as a scheming and an incredibly ruthless woman.

Death Bringer

Eliza Scorn is introduced when she summons China to the Church of the Faceless in Dublin. She blackmails China into using her resources to rebuild the Religion of the Faceless by threatening to tell Skulduggery that it was China who led his family into the trap that killed them.

She forces China to collect information on the Necromancers and what they were planning. She is unaware of China and Jaron Gallow's previous interaction when she revealed to China that Gallow was in Scorn's employ. She discusses with China about what to do about the rising Necromancers and the threat they pose to Eliza's plans.

She later makes an appearance at the Requiem Ball, being watched by China the whole time. She had Gallow killed to prevent China from discovering the list of people who were sponsoring the reconstruction of the Faceless Religion. She apparently was not an invited guest, when Ghastly approaches her, he asks her to leave. She was about to convince Ghastly to let her stay when she became one of the many guests whose life force Melancholia stole.

Near the end of Death Bringer, Skulduggery and Valkyrie find Scorn beating up China outside her library, holding the detonator to the bombs she planted around China's library. She reveals China's secret to them and destroys the floor where the library and China's apartment was. Skulduggery, distraught over learning China's horrible secret, lets Eliza get away.

Kingdom of the Wicked

In the alternate dimension Valkyrie gets shunted to, Eliza is married to Baron Vengeous. Due to a botched attempt to summon the Faceless Ones in which she was seen through a portal by one for a few seconds and she then subsequently went insane, she shuffles around in a shapeless grey dress, shackles, and with a bald head and shrieking countenance. She does so to apparently 'atone' for the sins of humanity to the Faceless Ones (According to Skulduggery, this is not unusual but also happened in the normal world). She repeatedly calls Valkyrie a "blasphemer", and is seen to call herself pure and righteous, saying she cannot bear to have Valkyrie look at her. Valkyrie finds it very amusing but feels slightly sorry for Vengeous.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

China, on the run from Foe's gang, returned to the Church of The Faceless Ones in Dublin. Eliza thought China was going to fight her on her own, but Foe ordered his people to attack the Church. China got her revenge on Eliza. In the ensuing chaos, she made her escape.

The Dying of the Light

She visits China after her church has been deprived of all of its files after being tricked by China. She later breaks Nye out of Ironpoint Goal.


Manipulative and conceited, Eliza Scorn is in many ways like China. She is not above using blackmail to get her way, nor is she above violence. This is evidenced, as China observes, by her forcefully stealing a pair of shoes from someone (The previous owner is presumed to have been murdered), or when she threatens to blow up China's library. She is able to foresee and read China's actions, because they used to spend so much time around each other and resemble each other a lot.


Eliza Scorn is an incredibly beautiful woman, though apparently not as beautiful as China. With long red hair that frames her stunning cheekbones and lips, Eliza is almost a match to China's beauty. She, again like China, has an experienced fashion sense, and has a habit of forcefully acquiring some of her accessories.


Not much of Eliza's magic has been shown. All that is known is that she, like China, has the ability to make anyone she comes across fall instantly in love with her, though it is established that this power is not as strong as China's.

Like China, she may be adept in Symbol Magic, as she can throw red daggers of light like China does with her symbols. Although this was in an alternate reality. 


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