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Dexter Vex
Dexter Vex is an Energy-Thrower
Magic Type Adept
Power The ability to fire energy blasts from hands
Notable User(s) Dexter Vex, Avaunt, Donegan Bane, Ivy

Energy-Throwing is a type of Adept magic that allows users to fire energy blasts from a bodypart. The colour of the energy varies depending on the user. Firing a second blast might take a longer time for a less experienced user, as the time used for charging depends on skill. The discipline may also allow the user to hurl concentrated balls of energy - which (much like a hand grenade) detonates, stunning, or even killing those in the vicinity. Indeed, it is deceptively versatile as the user is able to manipulate the frequency of the energy: causing the beam to scorch the target, or striking the target with blunt force; as seen, when Mud dispatches Gerald in Scapegrace's pub, during The Kingdom Of The Wicked. It is one of the more popular choices of Adept magic, and plenty of mages have chosen this particular discipline. Energy-throwing is a relatively easy skill to learn - adding to its attractiveness. Energy-Throwing is also known as Ergokineticism

The energy beams in question can be projected via: the palms of the hands (the most common variety), eyes (which is more powerful than through the hands but leaves the user temporarily blind, shortly after) and mouth (which could be the most powerful form, but is the least accurate and least predictable).

In the book it is brought up that Dexter Vex was a powerful Energy-Thrower and was able to keep a horde of Zombies at bay for some time. Notable energy-throwers include: Dexter-Vex, Donegan Bane, Ivy, Frightening Jones and Gracious O'Callaghan - though there are a plethora of unnamed, or side-lined energy-throwers in the series.

In Battle:

In a fray, few magic schools are better suited. The user has the ability to attack the enemy from a distance with varying accuracy - depending on the wielder's skill. The destructive beams of pure energy can tear through mortal armour, as well as flesh and bone and even less sophisticated magical armour.

In close quarters combat, however, the discipline is still effective: the user can release a short blast to put the enemy off balance, in order to converge to fight hand-to-hand. This could turn the tide of a fight. Alternatively, one could use this opportunity to attack with a second beam, or flee. Naturally, a more powerful projection would still be prudent, acting like an ethereal battering ram to send an adversary flying - or burn through them, like a flame on paper.

A second trick would be to close the distance between one's self and the enemy - making evasion of the beam impossible - and attack with full force. The disadvantage of this technique, however, is that one would need to be within striking distance of the enemy, which would leave you vulnerable to attack; a joint-lock, a throw, or a weapon may be employed by the opponent, so the user would need to act fast.

Also, as stated before, ebbing balls of energy that explode like a hand grenade do appear. This may be a branch of energy throwing, though it is unconfirmed because no character in the series has been seen using this skill.

Practical applications:

With this school - there are few applications in day-to-day life, emphasising its innate lack of versatility. However, this is not to say it cannot be used outside of combat. Far from it.

A Sanctuary operative, or agent (an agent most likely being a person, who is outsourced, like a mercenary) on an investigation may find it prudent to reduce a lock to a molten deformation, or blast a door off its hinges - using energy throwing. Granted, it is not the most inconspicuous approach, but it is an option.

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