Esryn Vanguard
Character Information
Taken Name Esryn Vanguard
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death The War
Magic Unknown
Location Deceased

Esryn Vanguard was a man who wanted peace during the War. Vanguard believed that both sides should be allowed to worship whoever they wanted. He also believed that eventually Mevolent would realise their mistake about worshipping the Faceless Ones.


After learning what he was capable of on the battlefield, he became disillusioned with the War . He began to preach about allowing the worshipers of the Faceless Ones to continue their worship, reasoning that they could eventually realise that it was a mistake to do so. Many soldiers on both sides started to follow him and his peaceful rhetoric, although leaders on both ends thought this was dangerous. Vanguard was killed during a speech by a poison arrow. At first it was thought that Dreylan Scarab , an assassin working for Mevolent , had killed him. But it was revealed in Dark Days that the Exigency Programme , which was lead by Thurid Guild had killed Vanguard. Guild had made all the evidence point to Scarab, who was arrested.

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