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Eyes of the Beholder
Eyes of the Beholder
Author Derek Landy
Cover Artist None
Date Published 29 January 2015
Date Set In After the Maleficent Seven
Publisher HarperCollins
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Eyes of the Beholder is a short story released in the Armageddon Outta Here paperback and the second short story starring Billy-Ray Sanguine.


Shortly after the events of the Maleficient Seven, Sanguine is seen tunneling underground, enjoying his magic. He is then chased by several Razorworms, and escapes to an abandoned house where several other mages were waiting for him. It is then revealed that there are others like him out there, and Billy-Ray kills the three in the house all as they were sent to murder him for the assassination of Quintin Strom. He takes the Razorworms - Spot, Rex and William - to Tanith as a wedding gift.

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