Fergus Edgley
Character Information
Given Name Fergus Edgley
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Elemental
Location Ireland
Relations Beryl Edgley (spouse)
Carol Edgley (daughter)
Crystal Edgley (daughter)
Melissa Edgley (sister-in-law)
Desmond Edgley (brother)
Gordon Edgley (brother)
Stephanie Edgley (niece)
Alison Edgley (niece)

Fergus Edgley is Valkyrie's uncle and Beryl Edgley's husband. He is the brother of Desmond and Gordon. They used to be quite close as children, but grew apart as the they got older. At a young age, Fergus was told stories about magic and the Ancients by his grandfather and he realised that all this was true. But Fergus acted as thought magic did not exist and managed to convince Desmond about this. Fergus has a wife, Beryl, and two daughters, Crystal and Carol.


When he and his brothers were young they were told stories about magic. However, after being spoken to by his father, who didn't want his family put in danger, Fergus decided to shun magic and as they got older he convinced Desmond that the stories were merely make belief. He was unable to convince Gordon and this led to the two being estranged for four years, not speaking before Gordon's demise.


Skulduggery Pleasant

Fergus is displayed as a dislikable figure in the first book. In the wake of Gordon Edgley he is seen stealing silverware. At the hearing of Gordon's will, Fergus and his wife Beryl, receive a jewel-less brooch, a car and a boat. They are both outraged as their 12 year old niece receives both Gordon's estate and riches.

The Faceless Ones

In the Faceless Ones, Fergus stares at Tanith when she intrudes his home demanding to talk to Stephanie, obviously not happy.

Death Bringer

Fergus is revealed to be not only aware of Magic, but able to use it. He, however, has no interest in progressing further and stops Valkyrie from teaching Carol and Crystal by convincing them that they can't do magic. This is shown to be not out of malice but concern, as he does not wish his family to be put in danger.


Fergus has shown he can make sparks appear with a click of his fingers, like the common Elemental ability to summon flames but he is not very powerful. He states that that is all he can do.


Death Bringer
The Dying of the Light Cover