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Ferrente Rhadaman
Character Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Accelerator Magic
Location Ireland

Ferrente Rhadaman was an American sorcerer. He also missed his fellow sorcerers who died at the hand of Darquesse so he dressed up his Hollow Men.


In Books

Last Stand of Dead Men

He stepped into the Accelerator and got a boost in his magic. He then proceeded to fight the Warlock at the Battle of Roarhaven.

The Dying of the Light

He trashed a supermarket with some Hollow Men which were referred to as his friends. He also dressed them in clothed. Valkyrie's Reflection and Skulduggery then turned up and arrested him. Skulduggery told him that his powers were fading and would soon be gone. He was knocked out by Skulduggery's gun.


Like the other Accelerator-charged sorcerers, he displayed erratic behaviour. He was prone to fits of anger and also displayed affection for his Hollow Men.


  • His original name was Davos Rhadaman but was later changed by Derek.


The Dying of the Light Cover

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