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Filament Sclavi
Character Information
Taken Name Filament Sclavi
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Italy
Age 15
Magic Unknown
Faction Corrival Academy's rugby team
Weapons None
Titles Italian Auger
Location Alive
Relations Omen Darkly (friend)

Filament Sclavi is a rugby player and a Fourth Year at Corrival Academy

Filament was described by Omen Darkly as being an "Italian version of his brother". This is because Filament is tall, good-looking, dark-haired and laid-back yet serious.



Filament comes over to talk to Omen after Mr. Peccant issues Omen detention for missing class. He asks Omen whether he's interested in sports, to which Omen replies that he never really got the point of it. Filament asks Omen to join the rugby team but Omen declines. They talk for a bit about what living with Auger must be like, and when Filament sees someone else and waves, he departs, telling Omen that it was good to meet him and that although they passed each other loads of times, he never had a reason to talk to him until now.

After Omen gets a concussion and is sent to the Hospital Wing, Filament visits him and they talk about Jenan and his friends running away from school. Filament tells him that Byron split off from his friends.


"I’m not positive… But harsh words were exchanged. Names were called. Mothers were insulted. Some things, there is no coming back from."
— Filament to Omen Darkly about Byron Grace, Gall and Lapse, Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection


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