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Fletcher Renn
Fletcher Renn.png
Character Information
Taken Name Fletcher Renn
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth 1992
Age 27/26
Magic Teleporter
Titles The last Teleporter
Location Ireland
Relations An Unknown ex

Valkyrie Cain (ex) Myra (ex)

"Fletcher Renn is a 17 year old London kid who has recently discovered that he wields an incredible power. He is the last of his kind and suddenly everyone is after him. He is smug, annoying, and big-headed, and if the Diablerie don’t get to him, Valkyrie might very well strangle him anyway..."
— Description,

Fletcher Renn is believed to be the last living Teleporter in the world. He is Valkyrie Cain's ex-boyfriend and has helped her with several of her missions, possibly the most notable of which being opening a portal to an alternate dimension so that Valkyrie could retrieve Skulduggery Pleasant from the Faceless Ones' realm, and opening it in the first place.




At some point in Fletcher Renn's life, his mother died in a hospital of unknown causes. It was the first time Fletcher had ever teleported.

Return of the Diablerie

Fletcher was first rumoured to be hiding in the Grandeur Hotel, Co. Meath. Valkyrie and Skulduggery went to him since he was the last living Teleporter. However, Billy-Ray Sanguine was also at the hotel to capture him and force him to open a portal to the dimension of the Faceless Ones. Fletcher was amazed that Skulduggery was a skeleton and that Sanguine had no eyes.

After he was saved, the duo met him in a cafe where they persuaded him to stay with Kenspeckle Grouse.

Trade at Liffey Bridge

Fletcher appeared as a trade in Liffey Bridge where multiple double crosses were planned. However, while the Sanctuary retrieves Guild, Fletcher is kidnapped by the Diablerie with the aid of the Sea Hag.

Battle of Aranmore Farm

Later on, at Aranmore Farm, he is forced by the Diablerie to open up the portal for the Faceless Ones to return. After they come out of the portal, Fletcher saves Valkyrie from being killed by one of them. He then helps the gang to defeat the other two dark gods.

The Revengers' Club

Fletcher helps Valkyrie, Tanith Low, and Ghastly Bespoke to get Skulduggery back from the realm of the Faceless Ones. He opens the portal for Valkyrie, after kissing her for the first time, and with the help of China Sorrows manages to defeat the Cleavers led by Detective Pennant.

After rescuing Skulduggery, they go to the All Ireland Championships to stop the Guild (whose family was being threatened by Scarab) from destroying the stadium with the Desolation Engine. Fletcher is beaten by Dusk but stops Guild from blowing up the stadium by teleporting him to the ocean and dropping the bomb there. At the end of the book, Valkyrie and Fletcher are 'going out', much to Skulduggery's chagrin.

The Remnant Outbreak

His relationship with Valkyrie gets deeper when he meets her parents before they go out on a date to a nightclub called Shenanigans. Fletcher is immediately disliked by Desmond because of his "ridiculous hair". While on their date, the club is attacked by numerous Remnants, who possess everyone except Valkyrie, himself and Stephanie's cousins Crystal and Carol, who see Valkyrie beating up a possessed policeman, the cousins become suspicious and learn about Valkyrie's abilities.

Later, during an attempt to teleport the Remnants to the giant Soul Catcher, Fletcher is possessed by a Remnant himself and physically harms Valkyrie, but is stopped by Caelan before he can do any serious damage. The Remnant inside him is also the Remnant that causes Darquesse to emerge from within Valkyrie's soul.

At the end of the book he teleports to Australia with Valkyrie. She tells him she loves him whilst they're there and after he apologised for what he did to her while he was possessed by the Remnant.

Rise of the Death Bringer

Fletcher continues to help Skulduggery and Valkyrie's missions, notably when he accompanies them to Bernadette Maguire's cottage but is told to leave when the Jitter Girls arrive.

Later Fletcher helps Valkyrie babysit her little sister and leaves for a moment to get pizza and ice cream from across the world only to be contacted by Valkyrie by mobile and find her horrifically assaulted.

He teleports her to receive medical attention from Nye and is eventually told to go home. Days pass with Valkyrie ignoring Fletcher as she focuses on Melancholia. After Valkyrie discovers that Skulduggery is Lord Vile, Valkyrie shuts herself out from the magic world and when Fletcher finally comes to see her to find out why she has been ignoring him, she reveals that she has been seeing Caelan and breaks up with him.

After calling Valkyrie out on a few of issues, Fletcher goes to see Ghastly for advice; as he has no one else to turn to and figuring that Ghastly could sympathise due to losing Tanith recently. The two talk and Fletcher reflects on the relationship before Ghastly tells him to leave Valkyrie for a while in order to make himself better and then visit her later to show what she's missing.

Fletcher is called back to the team when he needs to teleport Skulduggery into the Willow Hill Retirement Home to defeat the Necromancers.


Later on Fletcher visits Valkyrie and the two discuss the break up before he tells Valkyrie that he is moving to Australia to put some space between them and to continue his training since Australia is another Cradle of Magic.

Fletcher also saves Valkyrie from Caelan after she ends her relationship with the vampire. Caelan transforms into a vampire and mortally wounds Fletcher, but together Valkyrie and Fletcher manage to kill Caelan.

Life in Australia

Fletcher is called back to teleport the Accelerator to the Sanctuary. Later Valkyrie hints that she wants to get back together, but Fletcher ignores the hint, saying that he has a new girlfriend named Myra. He then teleports to Myra's house and brings her back so she can meet Valkyrie, but then Fletcher teleports away with Myra, much to Valkyrie's anger. Although Valkyrie is happy for him, she feels that since she decided to break up with him, she should have been the first to get over it.

Sanctuaries at War

Myra tells Fletcher she loves him while they are in her apartment. Hayley Skirmish and Tane Aiavao arrive to tell them that they are not safe due to the war. Myra murders both of them and reveals herself to be working with the enemy. She tasers Fletcher but he escapes and teleports to Ireland.

Valkyrie's Reflection

While Darquesse is missing, Fletcher takes Valkyrie's clothes to her house and once there has a conversation with the reflection. He asks the reflection if Valkyrie ever loved him while they were dating and the reflection tells him that she didn't, but she did enjoy being with him. The reflection then tells him that she could love him and kisses him. Fletcher kisses her back. Later on, Fletcher finds out that the reflection murdered Carol.

Fletcher is later involved in the plans to defeat Darquesse. This involves pretending to be injured and later teleporting Sensitive to Darquesse to trick her. Fletcher is distraught when Stephanie is murdered by Darquesse as her last moments were spent in fear as she was strangled to death, inches from Fletcher as he spoke to Valkyrie. He saw Stephanie in the Necropolis.


Fletcher is a teacher at Corrival Academy where he teaches Teleportation to three students, Never being the only one who can teleport on her own, and Valkyrie is amused not only by the fact he teaches but also due to him having 'a teacher's voice' and being very strict. He later rescues Skulduggery and Valkyrie as they are being attacked by Lethe and his gang but Nero teleports to him and stabs his in the torso. Reverie Synecdoche helps save his life and for the rest of the book a machine helps him breath.


Valkyrie goes into the Corrival Academy staff room and meets Militsa Gnosis. Valkyrie tells her she's actually looking for Fletcher, and she pretends to be hurt and accuses Fletcher of stealing Valkyrie. Fletcher then warbles that he'll 'get her back if it's the last thing [he] does.'

Fletcher helps Valkyrie and Skulduggery multiple times, travelling to different places. He helps Valkyrie reach the Necropolis in order to retrieve Alice's soul, and asks her if he should wait for her, but Valkyrie sends him away.

Later Fletcher asks if he put Valkyrie off boys, hence why she has a girlfriend, but she assures him that it wasn't his fault.

Seasons of War

Fletcher meets up with Valkyrie and Tanith on a roof. He asks Tanith out, but she declines since she is already seeing Oberon Guile. Embarrassed, he begins to waffle, so Valkyrie tells him to walk off and chill.


At first sight, Fletcher is a typical arrogant jerk. Juvenile, smug and self-centered, Fletcher didn't listen to reason- or anyone for that matter. He often boasts about his delinquent activities, such as stealing money from a bank or going into clubs underage. He is very ignorant and likes to think he knows best. However, his cockiness and self-confidence is made questionable during various occasions where he 'chickened out' from various plans and missions, showing a lot of insecurity. Despite his outward appearance and inflated ego, Fletcher has redeemed himself and shown a softer side on some occasions. He gradually grew braver as the books went on, and more loyal to Skulduggery and the others, even admitting he'd "miss" it if he went back to his life before the Faceless Ones.'These moments are rare though, and he usually seems reluctant to express his true feelings in public. It is implied he had a hard upbringing, and that he is often conscious of how people think of him. He has become much nicer through the course of the books, and he does have a sense of humour. He is always looking out for Valkyrie and seems concerned about her dangerous way of life. He loves his hair.

From Resurrection and onward, Fletcher has matured a lot, even mentioning that 'he reads now.' He is said to have a strict 'teacher's voice.'

Powers and Abilities

Fletcher is a Teleporter, meaning he has the ability to instantly transport himself to any location he can see or has visited before, by opening a dimensional portal and imagining the world revolving around him. At first, he has difficulty controlling this ability, possessing a limited range and completely losing control when scared or stressed, but, after long practice and tutoring from the Echo Stone of Gordon Edgley, is able to make vast trans-continental jumps and transport large groups. He is also able to open portals to other dimensions by use of an Isthmus Anchor. He is unable to jump to another dimension without one.

He is unique among Valkyrie's teammates in that he is uncomfortable with violence, and possesses relatively poor physical fitness and fighting skills, and relies on his magic to a far greater degree in combat. Fletcher's main tactic in a fight is to either teleport away or use his ability to attack his opponent from several angles, in quick succession using a series of weapons. He has also been known to teleport opponents several metres in the air and simply drops them, although these tactics do not work against experienced or skilled fighters. He also relies heavily on the element of surprise, although he has on occasion gave indication of hidden fighting skill.

Fletcher also survived by theft for a considerable amount of time, but his level of skill as a criminal has never been shown, however, due to his powers, he may not be a very good their, just good at escaping.


"Do you think I'm staying because I'm brave? The moment I'm strong enough, I'm gone."
— Fletcher weak after he is forced to open the portal in Aranmore Farm, Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones
"Does Tanith have a boyfriend?"
— Fletcher to Valkyrie, Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones
"Boyfriend, am I?"
— Fletcher to Stephanie, Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light


  • It was noted in The Faceless Ones that Fletcher is from England.
  • In The Faceless Ones Fletcher does not know about Taken Names until Skulduggery explains it to him, however, he had already changed his name when he ran away from home, why he did this has not been stated.
  • Fletcher confirmed in The Faceless Ones that his mother had died. In Last Stand of Dead Men he revealed that on the day his mother died he used his Teleporter powers for the very first time. She died in a hospital from unknown causes. It is possible the trauma from this event broke down a boundary within Fletcher giving him access to his natural powers.
  • It is implied that he has 'father figure approval issues' in Dark Days, hinting at a troublesome relationship with his father.
  • Originally, Fletcher was supposed to die rather early in the series.[1]


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