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"They don't see the point of living."
Skulduggery Pleasant, describing Foe's gang to Ryan
Foe's gang
Group Information
Location Unknown
Date Founded Before 2012
Notable Members Samuel, Mercy Charient, Obloquy, Deacon Maybury (former)
Former Leader(s)
Current Leader(s)
Vincent Foe

Foe's gang is a group of villains led by Vincent Foe.


The End of the World

They make their first appearance in The End of the World, where they are introduced as a group of maniacs who are intent on destroying the world. They seem to be mentally deranged and don't actually have a reason for their goal. Skulduggery describes their motives to be that "they don't see the point of living", but when Ryan confronts Foe, and asks him why he is doing it, Foe replies "Because it's Wednesday", revealing that they are nihilists. Their plan is to use The Doomsday Machine to blow up the world.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

They are hired to assassinate China Sorrows by Eliza Scorn.

Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light

They are hired by China Sorrows to infiltrate Eliza's Church of the Faceless, and succeed at their task.

Later, Darquesse approaches them and asks for their help to usher in the end of the world. They agree, and start working for her. Obloquy allows Darquesse to posses his body and murders Stephanie. When the rest of the gang come to see Obloquy's body, they steal Stephanie's body with them, and take it to a special pool in the caverns beneathe Gordon's house. However, Mercy was decapitated by Remnant possesed Tanith in the ensuring scuffle.

Foe and Samuel then are hired to steal the Scepter of the Ancients form Valkyrie, but both are killed by Valkyire's white lightning.


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