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The Dead Men in Forbidden
Forbidden Information
Name(s) Forbidden
Major events The Hunt for Nefarian Serpine
Inhabitants Joost, Noche
Part of South Dakota, America
"There was a mangy dog lying in the middle of the street, who look at them with mild indifference as they passed. When they were safely gone, the dog offered up a feeble groan, then lay back down and went to sleep or died. Didn't make much difference to anyone which one it was.


— Across a Dark Plain

Forbidden was a town in South Dakota in America. In 1861, the Dead Men searched for Nefarian Serpine in the region.


Forbidden was a town of three streets and people who didn't bathe often or well. The Dead Men didn't think much of it.


  • The Dead Men entered a Livery Stable hoping to refresh their horses.
  • The then went to a bar looking for information. They got it from Joost.
  • They went to a church looking for Serpine but it was a trap. They then burned the church.