France Information
Name(s) France
Major events The War of the Sanctuaries
Part of Europe

France is a country located in Europe. Its Sanctuary was concerned with Ireland's continuing crises, and was a supporter of controlling the Irish Sanctuary.


The French Sanctuary

France's sanctuary.


A ghost town that was destroyed by Wraiths.


The Fall of The French Sanctuary

Occurring during The War, the Sanctuary was overrun by Mevolent's forces and destroyed.

Anton Shudder's Birthday

Occurring during The War; The Dead Men were gathered together in a ditch during a mission. In order to lighten the mood, Larrikin pretended it was Anton Shudder's birthday, singing songs, hugging Shudder, and pulling out a biscuit to "celebrate."

The War of the Sanctuaries

France took part in the War of the Sanctuaries on the side of the Supreme Council. The regrouped Dead Men later infiltrated the French Sanctuary to steal the Engineer, and to win support of the Australian and African Sanctuaries. Their mission succeeded on both fronts.



Mandat is the Grand Mage of the French Sanctuary.


Lamour is the chief scientist working for the Sanctuary.


The Former Grand Mage of the Sanctuary.

Griff (formerly)

A sorcerer who lived in Wolfsong.