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Frightening Jones
Frightening Jones.jpg
Character Information
Taken Name Frightening Jones
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Adept
Faction The British Sanctuary
Weapons Sword
Location Britain

Frightening Jones is an Adept from Africa, working for the British Sanctuary.



Jones used to date Tanith Low back in the 1970's. They broke up, but he still calls her just to make sure she is safe.

Return of the Diablerie

Jones phones Tanith while she is guarding Emmett Peregrine. He tells her that the Irish Sanctuary knows about Peregrine and where he is hiding. When Tanith hears voices from the living room, she hangs up.

The Remnant Outbreak

Jones is possessed by a Remnant and attacks Tanith. She is backed up by China Sorrows and together, he is defeated. Just when China is about to kill him, Tanith stops her, and China thinks she is possessed by a Remnant.

The Requiem Ball

Frightening attends the Requiem Ball and talks to China and Quintin Strom. He gets killed by Melancholia St Clair along the other guests. But when she later releases the energies she took, he comes back to life.

The Maleficent Seven

Frightening joins Dexter Vex and his gang as they try to find the God Killers before Tanith Low and her group.

The War of the Sanctuaries

He helps Skulduggery and Valkyrie get transport the temple of The Brides of Blood Tears .

Magic and fighting skills

Jones' chosen Adept ability is to fire beams of heat from his eyes. However, he cannot use this power for a long time as it is greatly draining and also leaves him temporarily blinded. Because of this he also wields a sword to compensate for this weakness and to allow him to combat opponents whilst reducing the reliance on his powers. Jones' is a master swordsman and when he was posessed by a Remnant, Tanith Low wondered if he was still more skilled than her in swordsmanship.


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