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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"Fashion. It's life or death."
— Ghastly talking about his work, Skulduggery Pleasant
Ghastly Bespoke
Ghastly bespoke
Character Information
Taken Name Ghastly Bespoke
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth 02/07 some time in the 1600s
Age Over 400
Death October 2013
Magic Elemental
Faction The Dead Men (formerly), The Irish Sanctuary
Titles Elder (formerly), Tailor (formerly)
Location Deceased
Relations Ghastly's mother (mother)
Ghastly's father (father)

Ghastly Bespoke was a sorcerer and tailor that could get the measurements of a customer from one glance. He is notable for serving on the Dead Men during the war against Mevolent. Later he became an Elder of the Irish Sanctuary which he served on until being betrayed and murdered by former teammate and friend Erskine Ravel.



When Ghastly Bespoke's mother was pregnant with him, she was jinxed. Because of the curse, Ghastly had scars covered his whole head. Ghastly has tried many attempts to eliminate the scars but has failed to do so, but he received a facade tattoo from China to cover them up. Due to his rather hideous state this has apparently eliminated any chance in the "normal", non-magic world. Ever since he was a teenager, he had been friends with Skulduggery Pleasant, who was around the same age as him.

Although Ghastly continuously states that he received his love of boxing from his father and his love of sewing from his mother, it is actually the other way around. Ghastly's mother was a professional boxer that fought Nefarian Serpine and Baron Vengeous and beat both into retreat. According to Skulduggery Pleasant she had a right hook that could have taken off someone's head and, according to legend, actually had once. According to Ghastly, she made a mistake by going against Lord Vile single-handedly, and was killed. Ghastly was also part of a group called The Dead Men.

After The War ended, Ghastly didn't want to continue a career in magic, thus he opened his tailor shop. 

The Truce is Broken

Ghastly appears when Skulduggery and Valkyrie visit him at his tailor shop for information on The Sceptre of the Ancients. He gets into an argument with Valkyrie about how she is too young to be in this world, and Skulduggery and Valkyrie leave without any information.


When Skulduggery is kidnapped by Nefarian Serpine, Valkyrie goes to Ghastly, who apoligises for his behaviour earlier. Valkyrie tells that Skulduggery has been kidnapped by Serpine, and they quickly go to the Irish Sanctuary, where they persuade the Elders that Serpine has broken the Truce. A rescue team is formed, which consisted of Valkyrie, Ghastly, Tanith Low and two Cleavers. They infiltrate Serpine's castle and rescue Skulduggery, but the two Cleavers are killed.

Later on, he joins Valkyrie, Skulduggery and Tanith to a warehouse to look for evidence on Serpine. The White Cleaver (which Serpine turned one of the dead Cleavers into) attacks them. Ghastly is forced to use the Earth power to save himself by turning into a stone statue just as the scythe comes down.

The Diablerie Returns

After spending two years as a statue, he finally returns to normal, and after being quickly checked by Kenspeckle Grouse, he is welcomed back by his friends. He aids Tanith in protecting Fletcher Renn at the Hibernian Cinema. When the Hibernian is attacked by the Diablerie, Ghastly engages in a fight with Gruesome Krav, but his fists do not affect him.

Afterwards, Ghastly tells Valkyrie about a vision his mother had about the world ending. Valkyrie dies and the world ends, but she doesn't care. She tells him that she is still staying, and Ghastly promises not to try to change her mind about getting her life back to normal.

Ghastly is also present at Liffey Bridge where the gang get Guild back, but lose Fletcher.

At Aranmore Farm, he tells Valkyrie that he has made new clothes for her. Ghastly is nearly killed by a Faceless One, but Skulduggery saves him just in time.

The Revengers' Club

While helping Valkyrie track down Skulduggery's skull, China makes Ghastly a façade. She burns two tattoos into him, and after twenty-four hours, he can transform his face into a normal one. He chooses to retain his face, and just remove the scars so that he no longer needed to use disguises. He is forced to stay out of the trade between the gang and Thames Chabon, the person believed to have the skull.

After the gang learn that Davina Marr, the new Prime Detective, had bought the real skull of Chabon. They plan to infilitrate the Sanctuary, but the plan goes wrong and they are all arrested. He is freed afterwards, but is arrested after he provides distraction from the Cleavers. Later on, he goes with Fletcher to check old pubs that Sanguine used to frequent. He goes to Serpine's old castle to arrest Scarab, but the gang don't succeed, but they do rescue Tanith and Grouse after they are kidnapped by the Revengers' Club.

He also helps the gang stop the Desolation Engine from going off at the Croke Park Stadium.

Fighting Tesseract

Dead Men newwwww

Ghastly in the War of the Sanctuaries

When invited to the Great Chamber, he declines as he does not like those kind of meetings. He also does not attend the interrogation of Davina Marr. When Tesseract defeats Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Tanith and, Erskine Ravel, Fletcher teleports to Ghastly and Ghastly briefly fights Tesseract before the two flee from Tesseract with everyone. He later claims that Tesseract was a powerful opponent.

The Remnant Outbreak

Ghastly spends Christmas with Skulduggery and Ravel. When the Remnants are unleashed from the Midnight Hotel, the Remnants possess Wreath, Shudder and Corrival Deuce, who all attack the three. Ghastly and Skulduggery escape when Ravel is possessed by another Remnant and Tesseract walks in. Ghastly and the others, including China flee to the Hibernian. They teleport to Gordon's estate to find information on how to trap all the Remnants in the Receptacle. They all see the Echo-Gordon, and Ghastly agrees to take Fletcher to MacGillycuddy's Reeks in Kerry, where the Receptacle is, while Gordon teaches Fletcher how to teleport a large group of people. Skulduggery tells Ghastly to take the Bentley but must not destroy it.

When they returns to the Hibernian, Ghastly gathers the courage to ask Tanith on a date, to which she agrees and kisses him. He is possessed by a Remnant later on, and witnesses Darquesse. After the Remnants are captured, he attends the second meeting at the Great Chamber to elect another Council of Elders. When Ravel takes the job of Grand Mage, and Madam Mist, a Children of the Spider. takes one of the Elder positions, Skulduggery tells Ghastly that he should be Elder to find a way to get the Remannt that had possessed Tanith out of her. Despite objecting at first, he agrees.

Duties as Elder

Due to his duties as an Elder Ghastly doesn't appear much. Skulduggery and Valkyrie visit the Sanctuary in Roarhaven to report what they have to the Elders. Ghastly openly expresses he does not like being an Elder and is focusing all his powers on trying to find Remnant Tanith.

When Skulduggery suggests they raid The Temple and kill Melancholia St Clair, Ghastly stops him but agrees to put out an arrest warrant. Ghastly is then visited by Fletcher who had been dumped by Valkyrie and asks for advice. Ghastly helps Fletcher on how he could win Valkyrie back.

Ghastly is next seen at the Requiem Ball with Dexter Vex, Skulduggery, Valkyrie, and China. Skulduggery, Valkyrie and Vex all tease Ghastly about his Elder status. As he is talking to Eliza Scorn, Melancholia sucks the life force out of him and all the others present at the ball. However, Valkyrie convinces her to give the souls back, and Ghastly is brought back to life with all the others.

The Maleficent Seven

Ghastly has a disagreement with Dexter Vex about whether or not he should have been told about Dexter's mission. At this point he confesses that he want's to kill Billy-Ray Sanguine.

The Betrayal

He was stabbed in the back by fellow Dead Man, Erskine Ravel, when he, Anton Shudder and Ravel returned to Roarhaven to confront Madame Mist about some of the new "security procedures" she put in place while they were away fighting against the Supreme Council.

Just before his death, Ghastly notices Ravel's golden tear filled eyes. Then Ravel sticks the blade into Ghastly's throat and leaves him to choke on his own blood.

The Dying Of The Light

Ghastly appears as a ghost in the Necropolis during the second test. He appears to Skulduggery and talks to him alongside many other people from Skulduggery's past. Ghastly reveals that being a ghost, he is aware of Skulduggery's actions as Lord Vile but forgives them, he requests that Skulduggery join them in the afterlife, and later attempts to drag him down along with all of the other ghosts. However, Skulduggery escapes their grasp, telling them it is not time yet.

Powers and abilities


Ghastly is an Elemental. He once used the earth power in defense against the White Cleaver Serpine had created, resulting in him being turned to stone for two years. Though he is gifted, he prefers to use his fists, which are very strong, as shown when Ghastly fights Tesseract with hand-to-hand combat.

Other skills

Ghastly is a highly skilled boxer and tailor, skills which he inherited from his mother and father, respectively. He makes unique clothes that are able to withstand extreme damage e.g. Valkyrie's coat, which protects her from bullet impacts, cuts, and punches among other things. His boxing skills are mentioned several times.


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He can be very stubborn but is mostly good-natured. He is kind and caring. He demonstrates this stubbornness by refusing to show information concerning the Sceptre of the Ancients. Although he is gifted with the use of magic, he prefers fighting with his fists and would probably rather live a normal life without magic if he could.


Tanith Low

Ghastly had a crush on Tanith Low since he met her but was unable to work up the courage to tell her about his feelings. Ever since he reverted from a statue, subtle hints of romance have been sparked culminating in Mortal Coil where he gets up the courage to ask her out. She agrees and kisses him without his façade. However she is possessed by a Remnant at the end of the book. Since then Ghastly has accepted the position of Elder to find her and remove the remnant. According to Skulduggery, Ghastly, despite knowing that it is impossible to remove a remnant from a person after four days of possession, "he just doesn't want to believe it." Given that eleven months were spent tracking and finding Skulduggery's skull with the help of Tanith and Ghastly, it can be assumed that the two of them spent an awful lot of time together, this period of time being a nice way for the two to get to know each other more. Something to consider about their attraction to each other, is that Tanith's had a history with many partners; most of which being very attractive. Given that Ghastly has always been described as ugly, it should be taken into account that Tanith likes him for who he is (if you don't count that she "digs scars, too."), as opposed to liking someone just for appearance. 


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Ghastly is described as being a tall and broad shouldered man with a strong boxer's physique, but the Ghastly in the parallel dimension that Valkyrie and later Skulduggery travels to had a physique that was more speed than strength. His face is riddged with symmetrical scars due to his mother being jinxed when she was pregnant, this probably being the reason for him being percieved as ugly.


  • His favourite colour is green.
  • When asked by a fan, Derek Landy confirmed that the additional scar to Ghastly's head in Cassandra Pharos' vision (in Last Stand of Dead Men) was inflicted by Billy-Ray Sanguine, as an act of jealousy that Tanith had chosen Ghastly.


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