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Gastly Bespoke's mother
Character Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death The War
Magic Seer, Sensitive
Titles Boxer
Location Deceased
Relations Ghastly's father (spouse)
Ghastly Bespoke (son)

Ghastly Bespoke’s mother is the mother of Ghastly Bespoke. When she was pregnant with her son Ghastly Bespoke she was cursed. Because of this curse Ghastly was born with hideous scars over his face.

She was a boxer who, according to Skulduggery, once knocked a man's head clean off. She met her death at the hands of Lord Vile, whom she had attempted to defeat single-handedly. Her boxing being known as legendary, she's won 23 times consecutively. It is a trait she passed on to Ghastly, which he gained particularly when he was younger, as he was being made fun of his scars. 

It is also mentioned in the third book, The Faceless Ones, that she defeated Serpine, Baron Vengeous and some of Mevolent's best men just turned and ran. Ghastly's mother was also a sensitive but her particular gift was a seer - a gift she didn't want. One of her visions was a vision of a dark haired girl joining Skulduggery and dying horribly, a vision fulfilled in The Dying of the Light.

In Last Stand Of Dead Men, Ghastly mentions that his mother had often badgered Ghastly to find a nice girl.