Gleeman Shakespeare
Character Information
Taken Name Gleeman Shakespeare
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Neoteric, Invisibility
Faction Anti-Sanctuary (presumed)
Titles Mr Glee, Glee
Location San Francisco

Gleeman Shakespeare is an American mage who was ordered by the Anti-Sanctuary to kill anyone who came looking for clues around Savant Vega and Richard Melior's old apartment in San Francisco. He is a serial killer known in the mortal press who have nicknamed him "Mr. Glee", due to the fact that he signs his name after all his crimes. Despite his station in San Francisco, Glee is a New Yorker.

Physical appearance

Old jeans and dirty boots make up Glee's outfit. Shirtless, he displays his array of tattoos on his torso, arms and even a grinning mouth on the lower half of his jaw. He has messy, grey hair.

Powers and abilities

Glee is a possible Neoteric who has the ability to turn invisible – a trick that may be misleading at first, as shown in his fight with Valkyrie Cain who initially mistakes him for a Teleporter. He is proficient in physical combat, though not extraordinarily so.


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