Gnarls are creatures that live in Caves of the Void.


One Gnarl was captured when it was a baby and held in the American Sanctuary. It was used by Zafira Kerias as a trap for the team that went to the sanctuary to try and recover the supercharged sorcerers. Only Darquesse, disguised as Valkyrie, comes across it. It was so powerful, Zafira believed it could defeat the entire team. It was impervious to magic, and could not be recognised by Darquesse's special vision. It was described as being “a quadruped ten times her height, it had legs like stone pillars, scaled armour around its body and head, and two sharply curving tusks.” It also had beady eyes and a tail. It could do great damage to Darquesse. During the encounter, it eats Zafira. It was killed when Darquesse drops the ceiling on it, as it could be damaged by anything non-magical.


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