Gordon is a Dragon which was named after Gordon Edgley (Echo Stone) when he died. He is currently in a bottomless pit in the Caves of the Void.


He has glittering, yellow eyes, and while they are never shown, it can be assumed that he has large wings and a single row of sharp teeth. 

He was found by Valkyrie and Skulduggery after they fall into a seemingly bottomless pit. He was, at first, believed to be a simple light, before Gordon's head burst out of the darkness, accompanied by the distinctive flapping of large wings.

Valkyrie was incredibly excited by the fact that dragons really do exist, even quoting the title of a 2011 film, called  There be Dragons.

And thus, she dubbed the dragon "Gordon", out of respect for the loss of the echo-stone recording of her late uncle. Although Gracious O'Callahan wanted to name him Destructorface. Gracious and Donegan Bane were extremely excited discovering he existed.


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