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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Gordon Edgley
Character Information
Taken Name Gordon Edgley
Species Echo Stone
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic None
Location Deceased

Before Gordon Edgley died, he created an imprint of himself using an Echo Stone.


Playing With Fire

Gordon's Echo Stone was revealed in the second book by Valkyrie Cain, his niece. After failing to convince Valkyrie that the Stone isn't real and he isn't there, Valkyrie asks Gordon about the location of The Grotesquery. He complains that he wanted to write a book about it, and then tells her that The Torment might know where the Grotesquery is. During their conversation, Valkyrie reveals to Gordon that the real Gordon is actually dead, and Gordon has difficulties adjusting to the news.

The Faceless Ones

Valkyrie visits her deceased uncle to ask whether he has any idea where they can find a black cyrstal to power The Sceptre of the Ancients again after the crystal was destroyed in the first book. He tells her about Anathem Mire, the original owner of Gordon's Estate. He said that Mire used to go on expeditions while he was alive into the Caves and find the cyrstals. He also states he thinks Valkyrie won't die if she touches the crystals because of her Ancient blood but then does a re-think and goes against it.

Dark Days

When Kenspeckle Grouse is possessed by a Remnant and is rescued, Valkyrie visits Gordon to ask whether there is a way to force the Remnant out of Grouse. Gordon says that he does know a way, but asks whether Valkyrie could take him for a walk, saying that he misses the outside.

Mortal Coil

In the fifth book, Valkyrie reveals to Gordon that her True Name is Darquesse, the person destined to destroy the world. When asked if he knows if she can seal her name, Gordon tells her about a Banshee, who knows someone who can seal her name.

Later, when the Remnants are set free, Valkyrie and the others visits Gordon's Estate. Valkyrie secretly talks to the uncle, who she convinces to reveal himself. When he does, he is welcomed by everyone, and Skulduggery says that he knew all along that there was an Echo Stone of Gordon. Skulduggery tells Gordon to go with Fletcher Renn and Ghastly Bespoke to Kerry so that Gordon can teach Fletcher how to teleport a large amount of people.

Death Bringer

The Requiem Ball is held at Gordon's estate, and Gordon serves as host.

Last Stand of Dead Men

Gordon briefly appears when Skulduggery reveals that Valkyrie is Darquesse to the survivors of the battle at the Keep.

The Dying of the Light

Valkyrie goes and speaks with Gordon about the fountain in the caves bellow his house. Valkyrie calls Skulduggery to help them finding the fountain. Along the way they come upon a Phalanx Tiger, Gordon tells Skulduggery to lead them away. Valkyrie and Gordon keep on going to the caves. When they get there, Valkyrie finds out that Darquesse had taken over Gordon's echo stone and had made Valkyrie lead her to the fountain. Gordon dies a while later, his famous last words were. "No,wait". You never find out what happened to the Echo stone.


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