Character Information
Taken Name Graft
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2011
Magic Unknown
Titles Gravedigger
Location Deceased

Graft was a gravedigger under the employment of The Torment. He lived in a small house just off Roarhaven's main street.


Mortal Coil

When Tesseract had succeeded in assassinating Davina Marr, Graft was waiting with The Torment and Ceryen to greet him. The Torment double- crossed Tesseract and tranquilised him, having Graft dig him a grave. Graft buried Tesseract alive while conversing with the two others.

After the deed was done, Graft returned to his house at the end of the day. However, Tesseract had made it out of the grave alive, and could remember from his files where Graft lived. He broke into Graft's house, and found him coming out of the shower. Graft begged for his life, but Tesseract killed him.


Graft was disappointed in his job, not surprisingly due to the mixed views he received (The Torment tried to convince him that he had a great job in removing evidence, but Ceryen felt that she was superior to him, and that he was her worker).