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Great Chamber
Great Chamber Information
Name(s) Great Chamber
Major events Election of the Council of Elders
Inhabitants None
Part of Ireland

The Great Chamber is a location that first appeared in the fifth book.

The Election

The First Meeting

After The Irish Sanctuary was blown up, a meeting was held in the Great Chamber to elect a new Council of Elders. Many groups such as the Children of the Spider and the Necromancers were present.

Corrival Deuce, a highly respected man, is nominated by Geoffrey Scrutinous. The High Priest, Auron Tenebrae nominated himself as Grand Mage, but only gained the vote of Nathanial Quiver and Vandameer Craven . Deuce relectuantly agrees as long as it stays peaceful. Deuce then nominates Erskine Ravel and Skulduggery Pleasant as his Elders.

The Torment proposes that instead of building a new Sanctuary , they could use the Sanctuary in Roarhaven. Despite many objections, Deuce accepts the offer.

The Second Meeting

After the events with the Remnants, it was revealed that Corrival Deuce had been killed, but it was not known how.

The community nominate Erskine Ravel as the Grand Mage, who accepts. The Torment nominates Madam Mist, another Children of the Spider. If she was not accepted, the new Sanctuary in Roarhaven could not be used. Erskine Ravel decides to accept her. Skulduggery nominates Ghastly Bespoke as the third Elder, who only accepts this so that he can free the Remnant that had possessed Tanith Low.

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