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Greta Dapple
Character Information
Given Name Greta Dapple
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Around 200
Death 2012
Magic Unknown
Location Deceased

Greta Dapple was Argeddion's girlfriend, appearing only in the seventh book.



Greta Dapple grew up on a farm, born to non-magical parents who died when she was in her forties. At one point in her life, she met Walden D'Essai and they fell in love. Walden was obsessed with finding the source of magic, and spent his time either with her or on quests. Eventually, Walden became more obsessed with his research and they drifted apart. A year after that, Walden came back with Argeddion as his true name, although Greta was slightly afraid of what the discovery of his true name would mean for the both of them. Soon after, Tyren Lament and his group of sorcerers came to her asking questions. One of them, Lenka Bazaar, had had a vision of Argeddion causing death and destruction, though Greta refused to believe it, as Walden was above all a pacifist. Walden was thought to be dead by Greta, until Skulduggery Pleasant found him alive and in a coma being contained by Tyren Lament.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

Skulduggery visited her home while researching the whereabouts of Argeddion. Later, she was used in his plan to defeat Argeddion. However, she was accidentally killed in battle by Kitana.


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