Gruesome Krav
Character Information
Taken Name Gruesome Krav
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death October 2009
Magic Adept
Faction The Diablerie
Location Deceased

Gruesome Krav was a large member of the Diablerie. He is built like Mr. Bliss and has sleek silver hair.


Early Life

Gruesome Krav was a member of the Diablerie when China Sorrows lead the group.

Return of the Diablerie

Krav joins the rest of the Diablerie when Batu reforms the group. He and the rest of the Diablerie kill all but one of the Teleporters. He is present when the second-last Teleporter is killed, and when Tanith Low is injured. He then aids Billy-Ray Sanguine in stealing the remains of the Grotesquery from the Irish Sanctuary.

Krav, along with the rest of the Diablerie, tattoo symbols on their arms. Batu tells them that the symbol would mark them out as a believer when the Faceless Ones return. Krav asks Batu if Sanguine will recieve the same treatment. When Batu says he wouldn't, Krav states how he has a dislike for him.

When the rest of the Diablerie raid Hibernian Cinema, Krav takes on Ghastly Bespoke. During the fight, Kenspeckle Grouse uses his magic to attack Krav, causing him agonising pain. He later picks up Thurid Guild's body after they knock him out. Krav was also present during the trade between Fletcher Renn and Guild, as well as the fight that followed.

Battle of Aranmore Farm

At Aranmore Farm, Krav gets into a fight with Mr. Bliss when he attacks his sister, China sorrows. He cowers away saying, "Leave me alone" over and over again. During the fight the tattoo on his arm turned out to be a beacon, allowing the Faceless One to possess him. Krav is killed in the process, and the Faceless One possessing him kills Bliss. It is later killed by Valkyrie with the Sceptre of the Ancients.

Magic and Abilities

He is an Adept, according to the Battle Pack. It is theorised that he used magic to increase his strength, so he presumably used Enhancement.



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