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Haggard Information
Name(s) Haggard
Inhabitants The Edgleys
Part of Ireland

Haggard is a small coastal fishing town, located in North County Dublin, around 25km north of Dublin City Centre. Valkyrie Cain and the Edgleys all live here.


Skulduggery Pleasant

In the first book, we see Valkyrie as Stephanie, ignorant to magic and growing up as a normal child. When Stephanie returned to her bedroom with Skulduggery, he used one of her mirrors to create her Reflection. Also, after the encounter with Serpine, Stephanie spends her time recovering in her house in Haggard. This is also the first place she showed Skulduggery her magic.

Valk 1600x1200

Valkyrie Cain, resident of Haggard

Playing With Fire

As they leave Valkyrie's house and drive through Haggard, Skulduggery and Valkyrie notice the reflection is missing. They pull over and go to look. This is the first time they meet Dusk. He went for the Relfection, thinking it was Valkyrie but saying he knew as it didn't feel fear.

Later on through the book, Valkyrie attends the Edgely Family Reunion as bait for Dusk and ends up fleeing from the party, being followed by a pack of Infected and Dusk himself. She passes her house and runs to the Pier. The Infected follow her in, unaware of their weakness to salt water. They begin to come apart from the water. At the end of the book, Valkyrie is sitting by the Pier of Haggard, looking out for any Infected that the salt water didn't kill. Skulduggery arrives and tells her to let it go. Just as she starts to leave, an Infected emerges, battered and broken but living. Skulduggery takes out his revolver and Valkyrie summons fireballs and prepare to fight.

The Faceless Ones

In this book, Valkyrie returns home and starts up a converation with her Reflection but her mother over hears this and nearly catches the Reflection. Valkyrie goes downstairs and her father asks for an idea for an anniversary present. Valkyrie offers up Paris. Later on in the book, Valkyrie's parents are leaving for Paris but Remus Crux arrives at her doorstep with a warrent for her arrest. Valkyrie tries to get him to leave but he wouldn't. Her mam comes downstairs and when Valkyrie looks back, Crux is gone. After her parents leave, Valkyrie sprints out of the house, promptly followed by Crux. She cuts through a field and runs across. She reaches the end and hops over a fence. Crux reaches the end, gasping and muddy and moves to a van. He gives instructions to a Cleaver to chase Valkyrie and she runs until she runs into Alan, a farmer who knows her. The Cleaver disappears but Crux marches up and attacks Alan, knocking him unconsious.

Dark Days

In this book, Valkyrie is searching for Skulduggery's skull and she returns back to Haggard for sleep. She trys falling asleep for a while and when she finally does, Remus Crux, his mind broken from where he glimpsed a Faceless One at Aranmore Farm, attacks Valkyrie. She fights him but nearly dies until Solomon Wreath shoots shadow spears at Crux, making him flee. Valkyrie persuades China to set up Symbols that would inform her if anyone that had magic (besides Valkyrie and the gang) entered Haggard, Valkyrie would know.

Later on in the book, Valkyrie returns home where her parents tell her Melissa is pregnant again. At the end of the book, Valkyrie heads home for the night but wakes up from a nightmare. The Dream Whisperer she received from Cassandra Pharos, whispering her True Name, Darquesse.

Mortal Coil

In this book, Valkyrie spends Christmas in Haggard with her parents as she is to have her True Name sealed. They visit relatives and then head home to make Christmas dinner. In the middle of the book, Valkyrie asks Fletcher to take her to a dance but it would mean he would have to meet her parents. When he arrives, he is interrogated by Desmond, to which he says just because Fletcher can see Valkyrie's knees, doesn't mean she will hold his hand on the first date. At the end of the book, the newly possessed Tanith pays Valkyire a visit to Haggard, pretending to be a subsitute teacher. When Valkyrie arrives at her house, she sees Tanith laughing and chatting with her parents. When Tanith says her boyfriend is here to pick her up, Valkyrie says she will see her out. When they are outside, Tanith says she will be there, nudging Valkyrie towards her destiny, Darquesse. Billy-Ray Sanguine arrives and reveals he is Tanith's boyfriend.



  • Haggard is a fictional version of the Rush/Lusk area; Derek Landy's hometown. [1]