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Hammer Lane Gaol
Hammer Lane Gaol Information
Name(s) Hammer Lane Gaol
Major events The Summer of Light
Inhabitants Silas Nadir (formerly)
Part of Ireland

Hammer Lane Gaol is a prison on the border between country Laois and Offaly. It looks on the outside like a small house with garage in the back. It has a old man guarding the front to stop mortals from accidentally entering. There is only one entrance which is the front door that shimmers. The entire prison osolates between realities at eight dimensions a second and forty in all. The entire prison is controlled with a device which can only be accessed by the warden.

Kingdom of the wicked

Hammer Lane Gaol held Silas Nadir in June 2012 when Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain were investigating Argeddion. A few weeks before the Summer of Light, there was an attempted mass breakout and Valkyrie had to use the air vents to climb down to the lowest level and find Silas Nadir while being chased by prisoners. She found Nadir and knocked out the prisoners with the help of skulduggery. Nadir was being controlled by Argeddion and became unhooked by Skulduggery and Valkyrie. This let him and a few other prisoners escape. He ran off because the Sanctuary double-crossed him. He did not know Ravel was the new Grand Mage and everything had changed. On his way out Silas grabbed Valkyrie's arm and cast an echoing shunt, which caused her to shunt to the alternate dimension called.



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