Hansard Kray
Character Information
Taken Name Hansard Kray
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth 1990
Age 23/24
Magic Unknown
Location Unknown
Relations Arthur Dagan (father)

Hansard Kray is the son of Arthur Dagan, his embarrassing and obese father.


In Books

The Requiem Ball

Hansard first appeared at The Requiem Ball, talking to Valkyrie briefly before being interrupted by Arthur. He stood by as Arthur warned her of a comeuppance, and later found Arthur drunk in one of Gordon's rooms.

Arthur and Hansard left the Requiem Ball before Melancholia killed everyone.

The Invisible Train

Hansard only quickly appears in Kingdom of the Wicked when Valkyrie asks him for information about Tyren Lament. He eventually gives Valkyrie the information, but does not accept her phone number when she offers it.


Hansard is said to be nothing like his father, as he does not dislike people for their beliefs. When Valkyrie enters the Invisible Train, Hansard is almost reluctant to help her with the files. He did, however, save her when she was attacked by a group of Hollow Men. He also admitted to be daft at times.

Hansard constantly was seen blushing when his father was present, and prefers his father to be sober, as when he is drunk he is more embarrassing. However much he had shown dislike for his father, he works for his father's company, Dagan Logistics, giving up social time to convert old files to electronic means.


The only given description of Hansard is that he is taller than his father, and it seems that the only characteristic that they share is their blonde hair colour. Valkyrie also described him as "very hot".


Hansard's magic abilities are unknown.


In Death Bringer Skulduggery states that Hansard is 17 but less than a year later he says he is 22.


Death Bringer
Kingdom of the Wicked Front Cover
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