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Hayley Skirmish
Character Information
Taken Name Hayley Skirmish
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death August 2013
Magic Adept
Location Deceased

Hayley Skirmish is a character made by "Sparky Braginski", who won a create-a-character competition.


Just Another Friday Night

The two main characters in the story were searching a mansion inside a graveyard with a large hole, where they were awaiting the arrival of the Doherty clan, all of whom existed as zombies, and Skulduggery and Valkyrie. After the Doherty clan appeared, Hayley asked Tane for 'the amulet' - an item suspected to lift the curse from the clan. After it was revealed that Tane did not actually have the amulet on him, the zombie horde attacked and they attempted to fight back. They became quickly outnumbered before Skulduggery and Valkyrie appeared, brandishing a staff. Skulduggery told them that the curse has been lifted and that the staff was theirs to destroy before tossing it into a hole, containing "assorted things" where the zombies were supposedly trapped or destroyed.

Skulduggery continued to explain that if they did not make it out of the Graveyard by midnight, then they would inherit the curse. A Hound began chasing them as they run for the exit, but they made it and the Hound vanished.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Hayley reappeared in Last Stand Of Dead Men with Tane Aiavao once again. They greeted Fletcher Renn and Myra in their apartment in Australia. Having been assigned as their 'invisible bodyguards' by the Australian Sanctuary in case "all this war business got out of hand". Considering it got out of hand, they had orders to bring both Fletcher and Myra to the Australian Sanctuary for protective custody.

It was revealed that Myra was a trained assassin, tasked with the duty of pretending to be with Fletcher, and a fight broke out between them. Hayley and Tane both attempted to assist Fletcher, but Myra murdered both of them.


Hayley has very strong opinions, and carries a heavy stubbornness with it. She always says what she thinks, regardless of how others will respond. She is stubborn, and strong-willed, and would never give up without a fight.

Magic and Skills

She's strong and has boxing training, but fights similarly to Tanith most of the time.

Her magic Adept ability is to run up walls and and upside down. She can also flip with ease. Basically, her magic is and combination of Tanith's and Springheeled Jack's. Can shoot well with her Mark 23 handgun from her jacket and drives a Suzuki Hayabusa.

Physical Appearance

Appears to be seventeen. Her body is athletic build, with abs, and slightly taller than average. A sort of delicate face, that completely contradicts who she is. She wears a leather jacket at all times. Has piercing blue eyes. Her hair is long, brown with blonde streaks. Has perfectly white teeth. Wears scuffed jeans and a plain white tanktop. Never wears shoes cause she's a bit rebellious.


Derek Landy made a competition on his blog, Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress, for Australian and New Zealander fans to create two new characters. Australians needed to create a female character, and New Zealanders needed to create a male character. The competition was due on New Year's Eve, and the winners were announced on the 4th of January. The Australian winner going by the online blogspot alias 'Sparky Braginski' won for her character Hayley Skirmish, based on one of Sparky's best friends.


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