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Hidalgo Bolt
Character Information
Taken Name Hidalgo Bolt
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age 50
Magic Unknown
Location Unknown

Hidalgo Bolt was a mage appearing in Mortal Coil and Death Bringer. He is in his fifties and has a crush on both China Sorrows and Valkyrie Cain. He is described as a "cute", agile man with a permanent distracted look in his eyes. He looks to be twenty or so.


He likely had a relative that fought in the War, as he was too young to have done it himself. He is a frequent patron of China's library and was possessed by a Remnant in the outbreak. He attempted to stop her and almost succeeded before she smashed a bookcase into him.

He also asked Skulduggery Pleasant if he could dance with Valkyrie Cain at the Requiem Ball. Valkyrie considered before realising that Hidalgo was fifty.


Death Bringer


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