The High Priest is a Necromancer who is the head of a Necromancer Temple. The High Priest is in charge of all Necromancers in the Temple. One of the few who knew about the true nature of the Passage.

After the events in Death Bringer, it is assumed that the position is now defunct; Necromancer Temples are destroyed or abandoned.

Known High Priests

Auron Tenebrae

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Auron Tenebrae is the former High Priest of the Irish Temple. Tenebrae always has his associates, Vandameer Craven and Nathanial Quiver, with him.

Tenebrae orders Solomon Wreath to use a Remnant to see if Valkyrie Cain is the Death Bringer, which caused the massive Remnant outbreak in Ireland. He is later revealed to be the cause behind Skulduggery's resurrection into a living skeleton. He is killed by Melancholia St. Clair.  

Vandameer Craven

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After Tenebrae was killed, Craven used his position as both a Cleric and the mentor to Melancholia to seize the position of High Priest. He was later killed by Skulduggery.