High Sanctuary
High Sanctuary Information
Name(s) High Sanctuary
Inhabitants China Sorrows

Administrator Tipstaff Cleavers

Part of Roarhaven City

The High Sanctuary is the Irish Sanctuary in Roarhaven. It is described as a palace. The Supreme Mage is China Sorrows.


The base of the high sanctuary was constructed as part of an earlier failed coup in Roarhaven centuries before the start of the series,this part would be referred to as the old sanctuary,but would still serve as part of the future High Sanctuary.

The rest of the high sanctuary building was built in an alternative dimension as part of Erskine Ravel's Plan. The work began decades before the events of the first book and was a secret to outsiders who were not part of the Roarhaven coup. It's workers and visitors were shunted back and forth by Creyfon Signate, who oversaw the project in the alternative dimension. During the building, the Roarhaven Mages discovered new metals and materials,it is unknown if these were incorporated into the High Sanctuary.

Just after the war of the sanctuaries in 2013, Creyfon Signate shunted the High Sanctuary building,with the workers and the rest of Roarhaven city back into the Prime dimension at the bequest of the Erskine Ravel. The building was the location of the fight between Skullduggery's allies and Erskine Ravel who was supported by The Children of the Spider and The Black Cleaver. Soon after, China Sorrows became Grand Mage.

Between 2013-2018, China Sorrows promoted herself to Supreme Mage and the building became known as the High Sanctuary, were it received numerous visits from Grand mages of other sanctuaries. During 2018, it received a couple of visits from the newly returned Valkyrie Cain, sometimes accompanied by Skullduggery Pleasant.


It is described as a large palace in the centre of Roarhaven. There is a hospital wing inside, as well as a large underground parking area and many offices above. China Sorrow's throne room is surrounded by mirrors, so she can be aware of anyone attempting to sneak up on her.