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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"In the last five years alone, two of our Elders have been murdered, the third betrayed us, and the Grand Mage who took over has been revealed as a criminal. Two of Mevolent's Three Generals returned, and the Faceless Ones actually broke through into this reality."
Corrival Deuce on the events of Ireland, Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil
Ireland Information
Name(s) Ireland
Inhabitants Most characters in the series
Part of Europe

Ireland is said to be the birthplace of magic and and is governed by their Sanctuary. Many other countries are jealous of Ireland, and would to do anything to take over.



The capital city of Ireland, where much of the action takes place.


Where Stephanie Edgley/Valkyrie Cain was born and lives. Haggard is now protected by symbols after Remus Crux attacked Valkyrie.

The Irish Sanctuary

Ireland's Sanctuary. The Sanctuary was previously located at the Waxworks Museum, before it was destroyed by the Desolation Engine. It is now in Roarhaven. It is mentioned as a desolate thing, mostly underground. Argeddion was once housed here.

Aranmore Farm

This farm was previously owned by Batu. The Faceless Ones also came through the portal that was at the farm, after a great battle. Mr. Bliss was killed at the farm.

Waxworks Museum

The museum used to have the Irish Sanctuary, before it was destroyed by the Desolation Engine. Valkyrie used to come here as a kid, not knowing magic was there in the museum.


The place where the Torment resided. Scapegrace's old pub is also here. People used to want the Sanctuary to be there and built one, and after the destruction of the old Sanctuary, the one Roarhaven built was finally used.

Clearwater Hospital

This is the placeGiven Name where Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Tanith, Mr. Bliss and Cleaver fought the Grotesquery, Billy-Ray Sanguine and Vengeous. Vengeous also died here.

The Grandeur Hotel

Found in County Meath and was the place where Fletcher Renn used to live. Skulduggery and Valkyrie fought Billy-Ray Sanguine at the hotel to save Fletcher from him.

Croke Park Stadium

This stadium hosted the All-Ireland Championships. Scarab also forced Guild to blow the stadium up, but Fletcher manages to stop him just before he does.

The Temple (Ireland)

The Necromancer Temple. Valkyrie's ring was also formed there. The Temple contains the Soul Catcher, but was once stolen by Billy-Ray Sanguine. The High Priest at the temple was Auron Tenebrae. After the events of 2011 it got disbaned.

Liffey Bridge

The bridge where the Diablerie and the Sanctuary battled for Guild and Fletcher. The bridge has three names: The Liffey Bridge (True Name), The Wellington Bridge (Given Name) and The Penny Ha'Penny or The Ha'Penny Bridge (Taken Name).

The Hibernian Cinema

This old cinema contained the lab of Kenspeckle Grouse.

MacGillycuddy's Reeks

Found in County Kerry, this mountain range contains the giant Soul Catcher, the Receptacle . Skulduggery and Co. captured all but one the Remnants that escaped from the Midnight Hotel.

Ballymun Appartments

The appartments in Ballymun were Vampires occupy.

Other Areas

  • China's Library - China Sorrows has a library which contains many rare books.
  • Serpine's Castle - Serpine's castle was his base of operations prior to the capture and interrogation of Skulduggery. After this, the castle was abandoned. The Castle was also used by the Revengers' Club.
  • Finbar's Tattoo Parlour - Finbar owns a Tattoo Parlour, and most likely lives in house above or near it.
  • Gordon's Estate - Gordon owned an estate while he was alive. After he was killed, he left it Valkyrie.

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