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"What have you done?"
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"No one would have known. The boy was a danger to us all. He stalked and he tortured and he murdered every woman he became enamoured with. You should have killed him the instant you knew what he was. Hrishi's blood is on your hands."
— Isara to Dusk about Hrishi and Caelan, The Maleficent Seven
Character Information
Taken Name Isara
Species Human, Vampire
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic None
Faction Vampires
Location Ireland
Relations Dusk (associate)

 Isara was a vampire who made an appearance in The Maleficent Seven.

The Maleficent Seven

She spoke to Dusk in a museum about Caelan being obsessive and deranged. She also spoke about the Vampire Code and Dusk not caring about the death of Hrishi, his only friend.


Maleficent Seven