Character Information
Taken Name Ivy
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Elemental, Energy-Thrower
Faction The British Sanctuary
Location Unknown

Ivy was a seventeen-year-old working for the British Sanctuary, being placed on guard to add a major obstacle for the Dead Men, as they did not sit well with killing children. She managed to beat up Valkyrie Cain.


Last Stand Of Dead Men

Ivy showed herself to be a tremendously huge fan of Valkyrie Cain. She was placed to be the last guard to the Grand Mage's office, and got in a fight with Valkyrie. While fighting, she explained that she was a big fan and that she had decided to become an Elemental instead of an Energy Thrower because of Valkyrie. She and Valkyrie appeared to be evenly matched. Valkyrie only managed to win the fight by offering protective clothing, surprising Ivy and putting her off her guard. Valkyrie finished the fight saying that Ivy had serious issues.

The Dying of the Light

She appears at the American Sanctuary and gets an autograph on her face from Valkyrie Cain who is actually Darquesse.


Ivy had not experienced the Surge yet, but displayed both Elemental Magic and Energy Throwing.


Ivy is based on an American fan of the books, who went by Ivy Animosity online.



Last Stand of Dead Men Cover
The Dying of the Light Cover
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