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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"You? Oh, my word no. No, Prave you are not one of the leaders. There is only one leader here, and that is me. Gallow is my second, China is our reluctant sponsor and untrustworthy ally, and you're the one who makes the tea."
Eliza Scorn, explaining to Prave that he isn't a leader, Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer
Jajo Prave
Character Information
Taken Name Jajo Prave
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Location Unknown
Relations Benzel Travestine (father)

Jajo Prave is a worshipper of The Faceless Ones who works for Eliza Scorn and The Church of the Faceless. Prave considers himself one of the leaders but is told he just gets the tea.


Jajo Prave was the son of Benzel Travestine, who always told his son that he was at Mevolent's side when they destroyed the Marseilles sanctuary, however China Sorrows later reveals that this was a lie told 'to his weak-minded son'.

Dark Days

Prave met China Sorrows at the Church though she was there to kill him. China had visited him to search for Remus Crux. Prave said he wasn't here and China left. Prave snuck out the back of the Church and looked out the alley. Prave heard Crux reveal that China led Skulduggery Pleasant's family into the trap when Nefarian Serpine killed them and then saw how China killed Crux.

Death Bringer

He was cleaning the Church of the Faceless when a summoned China came. China almost immediately realised that Eliza Scorn summoned her. Scorn used China's secret which Prave told her to blackmail her into help bringing back the Church of the Faceless. China didn't want Skulduggery to know, so had to agree. Prave considered himself one of the leaders but Scorn said he wasn't even close. Prave didn't like any of the members including Jaron Gallow, but still appreciated them.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

Eliza Scorn reveals that his first name is 'Jajo' and that he actually used to lead the Church of the Faceless before she took over.


Prave has not been witnessed harnessing Magic. Whether he can use magic or not is unknown.


Death Bringer
Kingdom of the Wicked Front Cover
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