Jenan Ispolin
Character Information
Given Name Ispolin (first name unknown)
Taken Name Jenan
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth 2003 - 2004
Age 14
Magic Elemental, Adept
Faction Arcanum's Scholars, anti-Sanctuary
Location Unknown, presumed missing
Relations Bulgarian Grand Mage (father)

Jenan was a third-year student at Corrival Academy and was a member of the Arcanum's Scholars. He is the son of the Grand Mage Ispolin, head of the Bulgarian Sanctuary. The Ispolins are a Legacy Family, meaning that their name is passed down in the family and members only choose a first name.

After witnessing the resurrection of Abyssinia, he flees along with Parthenios Lilt, his ex-history teacher. He no longer attends the school and is listed as missing.


Jenan was born to the Bulgarian Grand Mage, and was part of a Legacy Family, in which everyone was supposed to take off the same surname. The Ispolin name had some unfortunate connotations with previous member's known for being brutal and cruel.

Around the time when Corrival Academy was first opened, (about 2013/14), Jenan's family sent him there to be educated. Whilst there, he garnered a reputation for being a troublemaker, and developed a strong dislike of fellow student, Omen Darkly. Jenan's also became friends with the history teacher, Mr Lilt, and joined his anti-mortal group known as Arcanum's Scholars, and became the student leader of the group, which was officially run by Lilt.

He often bullied other students, especially Omen, and was looked up to by the other members of Arcanum's Scholars. When the Scholars finally met with the Anti-Sanctuary; (whom they had been working for) Jenan volunteered to be 'spokesperson', as Lethe put it, for the 'First Wave' of Anti-Sanctuary sorcerers. Jenan's later realised that Omen had been infiltrating their group, and confronted him in the school corridor. Jenan threatened to kill Omen, but was stopped by Miss Wicked.

Later, when Valkyrie was captured by the Anti-Sanctuary, Jenan was used as leverage to make Richard Melior resurrect Abyssinia. Lethe called for Parthenios Lilt to kill his favourite student, in this case Jenan, to pressure Melior into doing the task. Jenan was not killed as Melior agreed, and Jenan was then last seen being led away with the other Scholars by Lilt. It is currently unknown what happened to him or the rest of the Scholars.

Powers and abilities

As he has not yet experienced his Surge, Jenan is able to use any magical discipline he is proficient enough in. He is one of the few members in the anti-Sanctuary who is not a Neoteric (along with his classmates).


Being part of a subgroup of the anti-Sanctuary, Jenan has a severe dislike towards mortals. He constantly makes cutting remarks about them which doesn't gain much disapproval from his teachers. He also seems to have a general dislike towards outsiders, especially Necromancers. "Necromancers are sad little lunatics", he says as he boasts that his father kicked them out of Bulgaria. He tends to generalise, regurgitating the words of his father, saying that because Melancholia St Clair tried to kill billions of people for the Passage, this means that all Necromancers are murderers.

His father's name grants Jenan a certain arrogance and snobbishness that he uses towards everyone, even his friends. Not all teachers are threatened by his display of power however. Jenan doesn't think much of Auger Darkly ("The Chosen One") but is wise enough not to go up against him and instead bullies his younger brother Omen.


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