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Jeremiah Wallow
Character Information
Taken Name Jeremiah Wallow
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Adept
Location Deceased

Jeremiah Wallow was an accomplice of Cadaverous Gant. It was mentioned that Gant had watched over him since he was a young boy.


Jeremiah was described as a young, short, fat man with a black goatee beard. He had long, thinning hair pulled into a tight ponytail. When he came to Danny's store, he was dressed up in a shirt and tie, but Danny noted he looked like the kind of guy who would be more comfortable in a T-shirt. He was said to have a Boston accent.


The Dying of the Light

Jeremiah was first seen entering Danny's store, asking whether there were any guns or chains for sale. He then argued with Danny and, together with Gant, started questioning him about any Irish women living in town. When Danny said he didn't know any, they left.

Later, he and Gant abducted Danny and left a trail of corpses for Valkyrie to follow. Wallow tried to kill Valkyrie on his own, which angered Gant. He died after Valkyrie Cain failed to stop him from falling into a pit of fire.

Magic and abilities

He was neoteric and could slow down time when attacking his victims. To the observer, it was just a blur of movement, but it was a never ending struggle for the victim.


He was hot-headed and impatient, and was also quite petulant when scolded by Gant. He was basically a child.


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