"She saw Jerry ambling into the kitchenette. If he sensed her watching him, he gave no sign."
— Narration, Trick Or Treat
Jerry Ordain
Character Information
Taken Name Jerry Ordain
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death Killed by Tanith in Trick Or Treat
Magic Adept, Sensitive
Location Deceased
Jerry Ordain was a poorly-skilled Sensitive who was killed by a Remnant-possessed Tanith Low after giving her a list of possible locations which contained four weapons. These weapons might be able to harm Darquesse, and were being searched for by the other Sensitives.


Trick Or Treat

Tanith Low and Billy-Ray Sanguine sneak up on him, and interrogate him about the other Sensitives and Darquesse. Jerry tries to trick them into thinking that he is another Jerry, to no avail. He attempts to escape, during which he manages to do nothing but hurt himself while neither Tanith or Sanguine do anything.

After Tanith and Sanguine tell him that they know he is lying about the vision, he admits to them that he is a very bad Sensitive. However, he does know what the other Sensitives are planning, and they interrogate him about that. He reveals that they are searching for four weapons scattered across the world that may be able to harm Darquesse.

He gives Tanith a list of possible places that the weapons might be. Tanith then informs him that he is free to go, before slicing his head off.

Powers and abilities

"Sometimes... sometimes I can predict the weather, if it's a nice day."
"Is it going to rain tomorrow?"
"I don't know."
— Jerry and Sanguine, Trick Or Treat

Jerry was a Sensitive, but not a very good one. He could only see into a few minutes into the future, and usually had to watch the weather forecast like normal non-Sensitives. In order to disguise this, when asked to look into the future he would be vague and go on about shadows, death and ominous feelings, leaving the other person to interpret their own meaning.


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