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Johann Starke
Character Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Before 2013
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Faction The German Sanctuary
Weapons The Dagger
Titles Elder
Location Germany

Johann Starke is an Elder of The German Sanctuary and a collector on antiquities. One of his most prized artefacts was a God-Killer weapon.


Starke had connections to many areas of government in his home Sanctuary. He was influential enough to be allowed to keep magical artefacts that would normally be under the control of the Sanctuary. He even employed Rippers. At some stage in 2012, Tanith Low, using sources such as Jerry Ordain and Christophe Nocturnal, learned that he was in possession of The Dagger, a powerful weapon forged by The Ancients.

The Maleficent Seven

Tanith chose Starke as the first of the four targets to steal from. Gate-crashing one of his lavish parties, she made her way through his mansion, almost recognising a face from her past. She approached Starke, using manipulation to get him to fall for her beauty. He led her to a side room, where a glass case stored the Dagger. She then asked if she could hold it. Hesitant at first, he eventually agreed. Distracting him, she swapped his dagger for a fake made by Sabine. She and her team then escaped through his gardens to a boat and made off, killing some Rippers on the way.

Later, when Sabine's Magic wore off, he contacted The British Sanctuary to inform them that that somebody may be coming for the Sword.


Starke was prone to flirting with many women, a trait that cost him the Dagger and his reputation.


Maleficent Seven
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