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"Sorry. The traffic, you know, and the car broke down, and I had to get a taxi."
— Kenny Dunne, Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer
Kenny Dunne
Character Information
Given Name Kenny Dunne
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic None
Location Ireland

Kenny Dunne is an interviewer who first appears in Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer. He is the reluctant partner of Patrick Slattery.


"For the past few years, I've been investigating some oddball stories. Nothing big, nothing major, but stories that get ignored because when you hear them, they sound insane."
— Kenny Dunne, Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer

Kenny was an interviewer. He'd started out well and working up to some very high-profile interviews, despite being late to many. However, it eventually started to all drift away from him, and Kenny became freelance. His editors left him to find stories himself, though he was occasionally thrown the odd job.

When he first heard rumours about about strange people with strange powers doing strange stuff, he had dismissed them for being too crazy. He wrote a few articles noting the trend in the modern urban legend, but didn't look too far into them. After the rumours persisted and seeing the stories everywhere, he looked into them more. Most of the reports he followed turned out to be hoaxes, but he eventually found a good source in a homeless man called Paul Lynch who had been having visions.


Death Bringer

Kenny Dunne goes to interview Paul Lynch, who has been seeing visions. Dunne believes that Lynch will be able to answers some questions about rumours of a secret society who do amazing things with amazing special powers. However, due to his car breaking down and other circumstances, Kenny is late to the interview. When Dunne checks on Lynch, Kenny realises he is dead.

Dunne is then interviewed by Detective Inspector Me and a teenage girl, who asks him about Lynch's visions, if Kenny murdered him, and if anyone else knew him. Afterwards Me leaves, another Inspector comes, and tells Kenny that there was no Detective Inspector Me.

Later on, Kenny confronts Finbar Wrong, hearing that he is a "psychic". Finbar laughs and has a rather pointless discussion with him, where Finbar denies anything and tries to introduce him to Sharon. Finbar before agreeing to let Kenny met up with Geoffrey Scrutinous.

When Kenny meets Geoffrey, arriving an hour early, he is told about Skulduggery and Valkyrie. He writes down their names. Geoffrey then convinces Kenny that magic is not real. Kenny goes home and packs up all his information on magic, now thinking it is a waste of time, reading as he goes. He quickly realises Geoffrey was tricking him and becomes even more enthused by magic.

Kenny is last seen photographing Valkyrie and Fletcher killing Caelan. He is amazed when Fletcher teleports away with Valkyrie. He then has the idea to write a book, titled "They Walk Among Us: The Sorcerers In Our Midst". He plans the book will be about a normal girl getting "thrust" into the magical world, and getting taken under Skulduggery Pleasant's wing. Eventually, Kenny plans to reveal Valkyrie is real and called Stephanie Edgley, on the "TV Special", dreaming of himself revealing her powers just like 'Peter Parker' in Spiderman.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

In Kingdom Of The Wicked he only makes one small appearance where he attempts to interview Elsie O'Brien with a partner after Kitana Kellaway, Doran Purcell and Sean Mackin attack Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain. He does so without success.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Kenny and his research is Ravel's tool to unleash details of the magical population to mortals. After The Battle of Roarhaven, and the death of his partner, Patrick Slattery, Kenny destroys his notes, believing Valkyrie dead after seeing a blast hit Stephanie. He is last seen ringing the door of the Edgley's home.


Kenny found it very hard to get to interviews on time. His mouth waters when entertaining the idea of getting solid pay day, food in the fridge, the rent being paid, and possibly getting a half-decent car. He is shown to be slightly greedy, and is eager to expose sorcerers just to become a household name.


Death Bringer
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