"And then there’s the small matter of Kitana. A normal teenage girl who, along with her normal teenage friends, becomes infected. Becomes powerful. Becomes corrupted. Wielding the magic of gods, they’re set to tear the city apart unless someone stands up against them."
— Part of the Kingdom of the Wicked synopsis.
Kitana Kellaway
Kitana new
Character Information
Given Name Kitana Kellaway
Taken Name Kitana Killherway
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age 17
Magic Argeddion's Experiment
Faction Kitana's gang
Location Ireland

Kitana Kellaway is a character who featured in Kingdom Of The Wicked as one of the main antagonists.

Kitana was a normal teenage girl who became infected with magic as part of the trial run of Argeddion's plan to give all mortals magic. It quickly went to her head, along with her friends, and she goes on a rampage. She was defeated by Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain.


Kingdom of the Wicked

Kitana, Doran, Sean, and Elsie go on out regularly to practice Magic. When they discover a new power to fire energy beams, they attract a Sorcerer named Patrick Xebec. He angrily shouts at them for displaying Magic in public, before calling the Sanctuary. However, before he can make the call Kitana squashes his brain with her mind.

Kitana and her friends then go on a rampage, killing everyone who has ever wronged them in their past. She bore witness to Doran killing his own brother Tommy and has likely killed many people herself. When Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant follow Doran, suspecting him as his brother's murderer. Skulduggery follows the trio (Elise having left) he sees her attempting to attack a woman and intervenes. A fight erupts between them, during which both Skulduggery and Valkyrie are beaten and barely escape with their lives. Kitana takes Valkryie's jacket, causing her to bear a grudge against the girl.


They fight again later when Kitana attacks her school. Sean is knocked out, and Skulduggery is about to shoot Kitana and Doran when Argeddion interferes. He explains to them about his plans and how they are experiments. He lets them go and they return to the house that they are staying at.

When Kitana sees Argeddion killing Lament and his friends, she plots with Doran and the newly escaped Sean to kill him. The make a deal with the Sanctuary and their powers are boosted by the Accelerator in an effort to give them the necessary Magic (secretly the Sanctuary has planned to have them kill Argeddion so that their powers are taken away). With the help from the Sanctuary, the trio manage to beat Argeddion into submission, but they figured out the Sanctuary's plan, so they didn't kill him. Kitana herself murders Greta Dapple with a single punch.

Back at the Irish Sanctuary Skulduggery transforms into Lord Vile in an effort to successfully fight them. Kitana punches through Valkrie's chest, causing Darquesse to break free. Doran, Sean, and Kitana fight the duo until Darquesse is shunted again by Argeddion. With Darquesse gone, the three manage to beat Lord Vile into submission, until Darquesse returns and decapitates Kitana, Sean and Doran with ease, killing them.

Kitana, along with Doran and Sean, is later brought back to life by Argeddion, albeit without magic. She attempted to play innocent, stating that the magic turned her into a killer, but she is not believed. Valkryie tells her that she is going to prison, knocks her out and takes back her jacket.


Kitana is described as a pretty blonde seventeen-year-old with straight white teeth. She has often used her looks to manipulate people, such as Sean and Doran.


Kitana draws her powers from Argeddion's experiment. Along with Doran Purcell, Sean Mackin and Elsie O'Brien, she uses her powers for evil and destruction. Unlike most sorcerers who only have one ability, Kitana has got several. She can fire energy beams, fly, has super strength, and can project magic. She is shown to be more skilled at this than Sean or Doran, using her magic to squash Patrick Xebec's brain with a simple thought, tried to melt a woman's face and turn over a car. At first her magic in on pure instinct, so when she thinks she is in danger she subconsciously created a force a force field that protects her from all physical attacks.

When put in the Accelerator Kitana's abilities are heightened further. She now had the ability to heal herself from serious injuries. However, she has lost her ability to create a force field, although it may just be that she learned to consciously control the power. This leads to her greatest weakness, as Darquesse noted that destroying the brain would kill her permanently and unlike Darquesse she cannot heal her brain in the few seconds before brain death.


Kitana is referred to as a "psychopath" due to her disturbing, openly violent use of her newfound powers; using them to brutally murder and torture without hesitation. Kitana could be described as a sadist because of how she is often in hysterics over the pain and death she brings to others. Kitana is the leader of her little group, manipulating Doran and Sean with flirtatious behavior and ordering them around. She is a selfish person and there doesn't seem to be anyone that she cares for. Elsie mentions that she had always been slightly psychopathic even before she got her powers and that the powers only made it worse.


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