Character Information
Taken Name Kumo
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Titles Grand Mage
Location The Japanese Sanctuary (presumably)

Kumo is the current Grand Mage of the Japanese Sanctuary. He is mentioned briefly by Merriwyn Hyphenate-Bash to Cothernus Ode to be requesting assistance, along with the Icelandic, Syrian and Romanian Sanctuaries, due to the fact that the Irish Sanctuary had sent a strike team "disabling his Sanctuary's infrastructure faster than it can be repaired." When Ode tells Merriwyn that Kumo can deal with it himself as Ode is busy fighting a war, Merriwyn states that Kumo knows and points out that they're fighting a war using his soldiers and that he barely has anyone left to defend his own Sanctuary. This is the only time he is mentioned. It is presumed he survives the war.


  • "Kumo" is the Japanese word for "cloud".



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