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Character Information
Taken Name Larrikin
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death Within a year of The War's end and a few months before Mevolent himself was killed.
Magic Unknown
Location Deceased

Larrikin was a mage that occasionally filled in for the Dead Men. He died in Wales about half a year before the War ended. Not a lot was revealed about him, but he was fondly remembered by all.


It was revealed that Larrikin was the comedian of the group, as recalled by Dexter, Ghastly and Skulduggery at the Requiem Ball. He was known to wind up Anton (the serious one in the group), by leaning in and whispering something in his ear in the middle of a dangerous mission. One of his antics was known as 'Shudder's Birthday'. In 1850, all the members of the Dead Men were down in France, huddled in a field. They had been in that spot for 3 days, and all of them, excluding Skulduggery, were wet and hungry. On the third day, Larrikin decided that it was Anton's birthday. Although their targets were passing by, Larrikin insisted that he sing Anton a happy birthday song. He then proceeded to hug Anton, knowing Anton was not a hugger. The hugging soon turned into an intensely quiet wrestling match between the two. When Shudder had Larrikin in a chokehold, Larrikin pulled out a very crushed bun that he had been hiding for three days and put a candle in it, saying that it was Anton's cake. It was the only time that they had seen Anton smile while on a mission.

During the Corpse Attack, he was badly injured by Lord Vile, but survived. He also accompanied Renato Bisahalani, Ghastly Bespoke and others in Prussia.

Larrikin was killed in Wales on a later mission, when he took a blast from Serpine's red hand. The beam of Necromancer energy was intended for Dexter Vex but Larrikin had pushed Vex aside and saved him. He died a painful death.


  • He filled in for Erskine Ravel, Skulduggery Pleasant and others while they took time off to recover. He became a permanent member after the death of Hopeless.
  • When Larrikin joined the Dead Men, Shudder invented the tradition of hitting the new Dead Men on the jaw as hard as they could, presumably to get his own back.


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