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Lenka Bazaar
Character Information
Taken Name Lenka Bazaar
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2012
Magic Adept, Sensitive
Location Deceased

Lenka Bazaar was a sensitive who saw Argeddion causing death and destruction and, along with Tyren Lament, helped imprison him in the Swiss Alps.


Lenka Bazaar was new to the sanctuary and was 'full of ideals and pure thoughts' as she put it when she agreed to help Tyren Lament with the task of protecting Argeddion from the outside world, and protecting the outside world from Argeddion. She did this in a hidden base in the Swiss Alps with her friends Tyren Lament, Vernon Plight and Kalvin Accord. They captured Argeddion, and placed him in a device that would keep him in a coma, constantly asleep so he couldn't affect the world. Unfortunately, Argeddion was powerful enough that he could reach out despite the forced coma, and over a few decades worked his way inside the minds of Tyren, Vernon, Kalvin and Lenka.

When Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain find the hidden base, Lenka is bubbly and funny, instantly asking if Valkyrie will be her friend. She was also shown to miss things like the hum phosphorescent lights make.

Valkyrie and Skulduggery used Fletcher Renn to teleport them all back to the Irish Sanctuary, so they could boost the power of the device that kept Argeddion in a coma. However it is then revealed that Argeddion has a complete hold over them, and the four released him from of his prison. After a time of being far away from Argeddion, the four then start to break free of the control, Lenka the first to start to do so. Eventually, they overcame their state of minds and confronted Argeddion in an attempt to stop him from giving magic to the entire world. In response, Argeddion killed Lenka and the others by removing his hold over them, apparently they'd been subject to it for so long, the sudden removal killed them. Valkyrie is angered by Lenka's death and attacks Bernard Sult when he calls Lenka a traitor.


"Your face! Your face when you thought we were going to kill you!"
"That, is not funny."
— Lenka Bazaar pranking Valkyrie Cain, Kingdom of the Wicked

Lenka is portrayed as a funny, if slightly hysterical, person. She describes herself as a dramatic person but is also very selfless, having left her family, unable to tell them why, in order to guard Argeddion. She has nothing to do so helps on their "farm" a lot. She is an expert engineer.


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