Liffey Bridge
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Liffey Bridge Information
Name(s) Liffey Bridge, Wellington Bridge, Penny Ha'Penny Bridge
Major events The Trade at Liffey Bridge
Part of Ireland

The Liffey Bridge is where the trading of Thurid Guild and Fletcher Renn took place in the third book. It has three names.


The Trade

Main article: The Trade at Liffey Bridge

When Thurid Guild was kidnapped by the Diablerie, they wanted to exchange his body for Fletcher Renn, the last Teleporter. This was chosen to happen at Liffey Bridge. Before the exchange, the bridge was shrouded with a magical shield, making all magical beings and actions invisible. Both sides then set up tents, on on each side of the bridge. When Fletcher and Guild were halfway across, Skulduggery realised that Guild had a bomb strapped to him. Skulduggery then proceeded to shoot Guild. The battle ended with the Sanctuary retrieving Guild but losing Fletcher.


  1. Its True Name is Liffey Bridge.
  2. Its Given Name is Wellington Bridge.
  3. Its Taken Name is Penny Ha'Penny Bridge (Shortened to Ha'Penny Bridge).


  • The bridge is a pedestrian one and is a little over 4 metres. It spans River Liffey from Ormand Quay to Aston Quay.
  • The bridge resembles a sorcerer in the fact that it has a true, taken, and given name.

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