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Sabine, a Magiphage
Magic Type Adept
Power Draining other mages' powers for a limited time and fuelling objects with magic.
Notable User(s) Sabine

Magiphages or Leeches are mages who study a branch of magic which allows them to drain other mages' powers for a limited time. The only known Leech is Sabine.

Magiphage abilities

  • In The Maleficent Seven, Sabine reveals that she can fuel objects with her magic. The ability to fuel objects with magic is an advantage of studying to be a Magiphage and is only known by a few people. Experienced Magiphages, such as Sabine can fuel objects for up to 90 hours. When an object is charged with magic, sorcerers can feel the magic within it, although it soon fades.
  • Draining other mages magic for a certain amount of time.

Known Magiphages