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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Character Information
Taken Name Mantis
Species Crenga
Gender N/A
Birth Before The War
Age Unknown
Death October 2013
Magic Unknown
Titles General
Location Deceased

General Mantis was a tactician who worked for the Supreme Council during the War of the Sanctuaries. It was a Crenga, the same species as Nye and as such was referred to as an "it".


The War

It fought on the side of the sanctuaries during the war. Skulduggery described it as "our secret weapon" because they never lost a battle when it was in charge.

Last Stand of Dead Men

It was commissioned by the Supreme Council to find a way into Ireland and lead an attack force there, in order to shut down the many defensive shields surrounding the country. It used The Midnight Hotel as a means to enter, capturing the hotel before the Irish Mages could shut down its travelling abilities.

While leading its forces into Ireland, Tanith Low, Billy-Ray Sanguine and The Monster Hunters tried to stop them from getting in. Their plan went wrong and Tanith was captured. Mantis ordered her to be hung upside down.

Later in the hotel she encountered her old ally Aurora Jane. After Aurora helped her escape, she rendezvoused with Billy-Ray. Aurora was captured, however. For an unknown reason (either an attempt to placate Valkyrie Cain or to follow Moribund's advice) she decided to go back to save Aurora. Mantis was infuriated when they escaped.

It then participated in other skirmishes such as trying to reclaim The Engineer at an abandoned fort. Its forces were outwitted by the Teleporter, Fletcher Renn.

Later, it ordered Regis to lead the main force against the Irish Mages, effectively a suicide order. Had Dusk not killed Moloch, it may have received its first defeat as Skulduggery's plan should have worked with the Vampires help. Instead, Mantis defeated the Irish completely.

It fought against Skulduggery until The Battle of Roarhaven, when the Supreme Council disbanded and the Warlocks attacked Roarhaven. Now under Ravel's orders, it led a squad of sorcerers, including Regis and Ashione, to attack the unguarded Charivari, leader of the Warlocks. The group was defeated, and the survivors were tied to stakes outside Roarhaven and set aflame by Charivari's magic. Skulduggery spared Mantis by shooting it in the chest with a sniper rifle, and moved on to the remaining victims.


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